Ramadan 2014 Pictures

I cannot believe it has already been a year since I last posted. Well I am back (at least I hope I am) and hope to post on a more regular basis. To get back into business I have just uploaded pictures I took with my cellphone (Sony Z2 for the curious) of both Makkah and Madinah during Ramadan 2014. I have been posting them regularly on Facebook but here they are in gallery format with higher resolution (I think).

People have told me that I should sell some prints of these and am truly humbled by such high praise. To actually think that some of you would pay good money for these pictures is really humbling. What I will do, is that if you wish to get any of these pictures printed, email me, or inbox me on Facebook and I will send you the full high-res version for printing. All I ask in return would be a few kind words and prayers. Till then, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Ramadan 2013 Pictures

Hey everyone. I know Ramadan has come and gone and everyone is back to their daily routines. I finally got time to collect all the pictures I took during Ramadan and post them so you can check them out in one place. I would like to also thank everyone who messaged with words of encouragement and also the wonderful comments posted on FB.  Thank you once again.


P.S. All photos were taken and edited on a phone.

What is it all about?

It has been over a month since the site launched and I haven't posted anything new. To be honest, I was contemplating on what it should be about. OK, I wasn't really contemplating which would imply that I was actually putting some though into it, but usually for this kind of stuff there is a theme. I don't like themes. So what I will be doing is posting about stuff that I find interesting. This will be done with a dash of bad grammer and the occasional spelling mistake (grammer nazi's your welcome in advance. See what I did there?). So be prepared for everything from tech, gadgets, video games, pop culture (that includes movie and tv right?), what ever else i conjure up and sometimes my own ramblings. Oh and of course things from Reddit will definitely make an appearance. 

So for my first 'meaningful' post, check out this really nice time piece I found. Too bad it is out of stock.

Launch Day...

It's launch day for my new website! Grab a cup of coffee or some caffeinated drink to keep you awake while you browse around. I will try to update the site regularly but no promises.