What is it all about?

It has been over a month since the site launched and I haven't posted anything new. To be honest, I was contemplating on what it should be about. OK, I wasn't really contemplating which would imply that I was actually putting some though into it, but usually for this kind of stuff there is a theme. I don't like themes. So what I will be doing is posting about stuff that I find interesting. This will be done with a dash of bad grammer and the occasional spelling mistake (grammer nazi's your welcome in advance. See what I did there?). So be prepared for everything from tech, gadgets, video games, pop culture (that includes movie and tv right?), what ever else i conjure up and sometimes my own ramblings. Oh and of course things from Reddit will definitely make an appearance. 

So for my first 'meaningful' post, check out this really nice time piece I found. Too bad it is out of stock.